Essex Street Academy is a small public high school in the Lower East Side in Manhattan.

 We serve a diverse population of 350 students from all 5 boroughs.


Wallace Simpson, Principal wallace@
Nick Tapino, Assistant Principal nick@
Susie Kang, Operations Manager susie@


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Social Studies

Nora Aboali aboali@
Maurice Blackmon maurice@
Fayola Fair fayola@
David Russell david@
Adam Schwartz adam@
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Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

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College Guidance

Meghan Gray, College Counselor meghan@
Maria Molina, College Counselor maria@

Special Education Services

Denise Petrillo denise@
Alex Schmerge, Speech alex@
Monique Velazquez monique@
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Student Support

Gahrei Alvarez, Community Support gahrei@
Shoshana Brown, Social Worker shoshana@
Agustina Cordes-Moulton, Secretary agustina@
Darrell Dillon, Para and Community Support dillon@
Sara Hassan, RAPP Day One Coordinator sarahassan@
Jenny McCue, Social Worker jen@
Abel Medina, Community Support abel@
Denise Petrillo, Community Support denise@
Mike Rivera, Community Support mike@
Bubblez Watson, Para and Community Support bubblez@


Essex Street Academy is a small, project-based high school in the Lower East Side. As a member of the NY Performance Standards Consortium, ESA students are exempt from state tests and graduate by completing in-depth projects demonstrating the mastery of core skills and content. We value diversity and inclusion in our community with respect to all identities and learning styles, and we strive to continuously build a community at ESA that is affirming, inspiring, and advances racial and social justice.

The staff at ESA is committed to learning from one another and our students. Our teachers write their own curricula to be student-centered with an emphasis on authenticity, depth of understanding, and multiple perspectives. This past year, ESA teacher designed innovative curricula that examined important questions such as “Is nationalism a force for good in the world?” and “How much do our genes really matter?”

We view our community at ESA as a family.  Our foundation is advisory, where our students build close ties while developing social-emotional skills over the course of four years together.  We meet regularly as a whole school for our student-led Town Meeting to celebrate accomplishments, discuss tough issues, and just have fun.  We have built a strong foundation in restorative practices as a way of strengthening and maintaining our community over time so that ESA can always be a place where all students thrive. 



  • Experience working with young people
  • Passionate about building strong relationships with students, staff, and families and to fostering community within the classroom and throughout the school
  • Enthusiastic about working in teams with both adults and students to pursue collective growth
  • Committed to advancing racial and social justice and to fostering an affirming and inspiring learning experience for all students. 



We are currently interviewing candidates for Fall 2022 in Science, Special Education and Arts, but we encourage interested educators in all disciplines to apply.

Science (Life or Physical)

  • Develop and implement culturally responsive-sustaining, project-based science curriculum
  • Collaborate with the science department for vertical alignment of scope and sequence
  • Develop scientific skills in students necessary for performance based assessment tasks
  • Collaborate and consult with Special Education Teachers
  • Be an advisor to a small group of students and teach advisory class 2x a week
  • Develop strong relationships with students in order to support them academically and otherwise and to advocate for their needs within the school
  • Develop accessible and engaging curriculum
  • Modify instruction and learning materials to meet the needs of all students (including those with IEPs)


Special Education

General Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Teach students via ICT and/or SETSS models in one or more content areas
  • Coach and collaborate with content teachers
  • Develop accessible and engaging curriculum
  • Modify instruction and learning materials to meet the needs of all students (including those with IEPs)
  • Contribute in annual and tri-annual IEP meetings and IEP writing
  • Participate in weekly special education department meetings
  • Develop strong relationships with students with IEPs in order to support them academically and otherwise and to advocate for their needs within the school
  • Support the collegebound department with transition planning for students with disabilities

Additional Selection Criteria for Special Education Teacher Candidates:  

  • Applicants must bring a strengths-based, inclusive perspective to special education
  • Applicants must be interested in revealing ableist practices in schools and implementing innovative practices to ensure inclusion
  • Applicants must bring an intersectional analysis to their work supporting students with disabilities 
  • Applicants must be able to and interested in developing strong relationships with general education teachers in order to facilitate collaboration
  • Applicants must have knowledge of ICT teaching models and effective SETSS strategies
  • Applicants must be open to learning all STEM and humanities content subjects



We are seeking an instructor with a passion for working with young people to inspire their love of the arts.  Ideally candidates would have an interest in exposing students to a variety of visual arts mediums such as drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, craft making, screenprinting, sculpture, etc.

General Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Develop and implement culturally responsive-sustaining, project-based Arts Curriculum
  • Curate and showcase student artistic creations throughout the school
  • Develop instruction and learning materials to meet the needs of all students including students with IEPs
  • Develop strong relationships with students in order to support them academically and otherwise and to advocate for their needs within the school
  • Be an advisor to a small group of students 2 x week



If you are interested in applying to work at Essex Street Academy, please send your resume to the hiring committee at hiring (@) 

Our hiring process is as follows:

  1. Send resume and cover letter
  2. An ESA member of the hiring team will reach out to you and schedule a phone interview
  3. Phone interview
  4. Zoom Interview with possible school visit 

Please visit our school website for more information and follow us on instagram!


  • We offer core and elective courses that challenge students to develop their own ideas.
  • We cultivate our students to be active learners, not passive, who will graduate from our school confident in their ability to tackle any problem they encounter.
  • With an emphasis on project-based learning, students complete Performance Based Assessment Tasks as their graduation requirements in lieu of the Regents exams.  Students learn the skill of making an argument supported by evidence by: designing and conducting experiments, developing a historical thesis, analyzing works of literature through a critical lens, developing mathematical solutions and proofs to problems encountered.
  • Our average class size is 20 students, enabling teachers to develop an individual relationship with each student. Small class sizes make a personalized approach to education possible.


Being a teenager has never been easy. At ESA we understand the importance of feeling safe, cared for and part of a connected community. We believe everyone needs to feel comfortable and relaxed to have their minds fully available to the ideas they are encountering. The ESA staff is aware of what is going on in the lives of our students and provides the social support network they need to be happy and successful at school. We offer:

  • safe learning environment where students’ needs are our number one priority
  • staff that prioritizes students above all else
  • Advisories of 10-14 students and one teacher
  • Access to four social workers
  • A full partnership with the Greenwich Village Youth Council (GVYC), an organization that has been providing support to New York City teenagers for 34 years.


Office Hours are available to students every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning from 8:15 to 9:15am. Teachers and tutors offer academic support in every subject on each of these days. Teachers and volunteers run a variety of clubs based on student interest. We are always open to new activities that students are interested in, and because our faculty staffs the program, it is easy for students to let us know what they want. ESA students can also join the Seward Park campus teams in a variety of PSAL sports, such as basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, wrestling, and much more.